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Feb 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
on a maserati on the vegas strip. he was known as kenny clutch. happened at the busy corner of las vegas boulevard and flamingo road, just outside, the strip's most famous hotels, paris, cesar's. edward lawrence on how it all got started. edward. >> ken, this all started very early this morning, about 4:30 this morning. police have few leads that they are following up on. they have a lot of witnesses and evidence they collected at that intersection for the 15 hours it was closed. cell phone video shows the las vegas strip moments after a shooting and multicar accident sent a fire ball into the early morning sky. police say what started as an argument ended in bullets and flames, leaving throw people dead. >> what happened is not just tragic, but under scores the level of violence that we see sometimes here in las vegas as well as across america. >> the trouble began at the say lay area of one of the strip's casinos. words were exchanged, then two cars fled north on las vegas boulevard. that's when someone in the suv opened fire on the other car. >> the maserati driver sped through th
Feb 22, 2013 10:00pm PST
at a memorial for kenny. >> it is hitting me hard, that was like my little brother. >> candles line the street along the border where kenneth cherry grew up. the aspiring rapper was gunned down in las vegas where he moved a few years ago. ironically, to get away from gun violence. >> i think vegas was the best choice he could have made. because you know, it's a lot of street violence going on out here and a lot more intense than las vegas is. >> friends and family encouraged him to go. friends and family say cherry came from a good home. he dabbled in criminal activity as a youngster, but at heart was no troublemaker. court records show cherry had been arrested for having marijuana and a gun back in 2007, but friends say he left that lifestyle behind years ago and reports that he was a pimp are false. >> that is just an image. it's an image of music, you know what i mean? he wasn't a pimp. >> he was a father to three children under four, including a newborn girl just two months old. >> it's unfortunate that i had to lose him like that. i feel like they stole him from me. >> kpix5. >> an
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
n the maserati to pull him out the maserati to try to give him the cpc. >>reporter: kenny clutch died, as did the 62-year-old driver. >> what happeneden to strip today will not be tolerated. these individuals will be found and prosecuted to the full extent. >>reporter: they're still looking for the black range rover. they've put out alert in three states. >> a lot of people are saying this remind them of tupac. >>reporter: as a matter of fact. he was a hip-hop artist internationally known. his shooting happened a block and a half from today's incident. that happened back in 1996. that murder was never solved. he's a beloved figure in the bay area as he grew up there. >> all right. joe vasquez thank you. chris talked to kenny clutch's friend and family tonight. they say he left the bay area, hoping to find a better and safer life inform vegas . >>reporter: his stage name was kenny clutch. in this video he cruises the las vegas strip in a maserati. art would imitate live. he was driving his maserati down the biggest strip this morning when he was gunned down. >> i can't believe tha
Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
. kenny, we'll check with you in just a bit. >>> in other news, video of police returning to the scene of a murder in alexandria. they spent the evening dusting for fingerprints. last night a relative found 94- year-old elmer joe rohr dead inside of his home. his home was broken into back in november, and this morning a 45-year-old woman was arrested for that crime but she has not been charged with any crime related to his murder. >>> well, it's official. the burned remains found in a california mountain cabin have been positively identified as fugitive ex cop christopher dorner. there was a chase, he barricaded himself in a cabin. a gunfight ensued, and one officer was killed. hours later that whole cabin went up in flames. >>> we are now just two weeks away from those dreaded sequestration cuts that are scheduled to go into effect causing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to go on furlough or lose their jobs, which, of course, creates a ripple effect in this area that will put unknown thousands of other people out of a job. we've told you about all kinds of plans out there. to
Feb 27, 2013 8:00am PST
was kenny isaacs. kenny isaacs was a local boxing hero. and i was one of these kids that was getting beat up all the time by bullies. i wasn't much of a physical specimen. and kenny isaacs was-- he was the fighter of fighters. everyone admired that guy. i remember going to lynn and watching him fight sometimes. i was about maybe 14 years old, 13, 14, and saying, "wow, this guy is so great." i wish i could be there in his corner, be sort of the kid that comes up with the water bucket, you know, and helps him. this is a gladiator, no one beat him up. but anyway, kenny isaacs was a big influence because, to make a long story short, three years later, kenny isaacs was in my corner. and a fellow lived next door to me, eddie mccarthy, who was a professional fighter, 135-pound, lightweight, very good guy. and he took me under his wing. but then he went off to the korean war. just before he did that, he turned me over to a local boxing hero, kenny isaacs. and he told kenny, "kenny, take young paul here under your wing. he's my protege." kenny did that. and i was gonna retire as soon as i won the fly
Feb 19, 2013 12:00am EST
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Feb 1, 2013 7:30am PST
of the protagonist in the novel. kenny had the soft, delicate looks of his mother, a girl who is grandparents came to america from the severity of rural ireland to the harshness of new york city in the 1890's from rough common family lorsed. he was quietly and lovingly by respectful parents. his mother was francis anne boyle, an irish girl from the bronx, whose family was unwilling or unable to escape from the tranquility of two family yards in the outer boroughs. instead like many families they remained in the south bronx and inwood touting apartment living. most of the offspring of this family, detesting this condition, diligently sought a place in the middle class. some struggled and failed. most attained stability through service to the city. others surpassed their assigned status and rose to positions of influence in many areas of the society, reaching as far as the u.s. senate. still others perished along the way, succumbing to the ills of all ghettos in spite of their dubious romance provide in abundance. kenny's father was tommy romero, a puerto rican boy born in east harlem, a different k
Feb 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
, kenny clutch from oakland -- killed during a wild shooting and car crash on the las >>> now at 6:30, new information about aspiring rap artist kenny clutch from oakland killed on a shootout on the las vegas strip. a manhunt is on the for the occupants of the black suv at the heart of the chaos we are learning more about the man who police believe was the target of the shooting. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez has details from las vegas. >> reporter: the cops are hard at work trying to find the man at the middle of that murderous mess yesterday that killed three people including one man from the bay area. kenny cherry lived in the sky plaza according to neighbors who say friends and family members have been stopping by today, his father is said to be in the area, near the may yesterday that killed three and injured six after a taxi blew up. cherriry's showbiz name is kenny clutch. he moved to vegas according to family. his attorney says he only had minor traffic incidents in his past here. >> i never actually had any criminal cases from mr. cherry.
Feb 28, 2013 4:00am EST
, meaning being irish or galic for prime minister. >> yeah. anyway, as you heard from jules, endar kenny is going to be joining us here on cnbc. >> not in galic. going back to japan for one second, on the news front there, we are hearing that all nippon airways, the airline that was initially at the center of the boeing 787 dreamliner issues says it will appoint a new ceo in april and the in you ceo will be hold ago briefly on friday. the w.h.o., world health organization, is saying that fukushima raised cancer near the plant. not surprising, but giving us some initial detail as to just what health risks people are sxoed exposed to. >> do we know the hit yet from all the grounded boeings -- for nippon airways. >> oh, from the grounding. i remember that they said something. >> we'll find it. we'll find it. >> on it. identity. >> she's on it, ladies and gentlemen. >>> the jobless total in germany has dropped less than expected in germany. the number people out of work fell by 3,000 compared to the 5,000 estimated by economists. the unemployment rate stays at 6.9 mers. >> yeah. the former i
Comedy Central
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
? - yeah. oh, i like that ben affleck guy. he's a good filmmaker. come on, kenny. i guess i owe the kids at school an apology. did you see argo, kenny? it's a pretty good movie. ben affleck has a lot going for him. not everything, but a lot. whoopee! from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. boy do we have one for you tonight. we're here live from the great city of tampa. no that was -- [cheers and applause] good memories. just good memories. we have a great one for you tonight. our guest fawzia koofi, an incredible woman, running to be president of afghanistan. you heard me right, woman, afghanistan, presidency. very excited to be speaking to hemple incredible story. we're going to turn to one of our favorite nights of year. hot off the presses one day old expanded coverage of last night's state of the union address. president barack obama hits the floor for some reason with republican congressman eric cantor in
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
rapper kenny clutch was shot around 4:30 this morning. the rappers car crashed into a cab igniting an explosion. he was one of three dead and four people injured. steve any talked to charp -- cherry's father. >> reporter: he is still in shock over the loss. he just spoke with his son the day before yesterday. ♪ >> reporter: six months ago, kenny clutch cherry starred in a music video. rapping about guns and women. showing off his car. and in that same car on the same street, the 27-year-old aspiring rapper from oakland was killed. his father got the call around 5:00 in the morning from the girlfriend telling him his son was shot and killed. >> according to witness statements, shots were fired from a range rover at his car. >> i heard it was a disagreement and the guys pulled to the side of him and let the -- he let his window down and they started shooting. my son, for the record did not have any guns in his car, it was not a gun battle or anything like that. >> reporter: he and the passenger were shot. they crashed into a cab and killed two people inside, including the driver wh
Feb 19, 2013 1:00pm PST
the mountain. conspicuously walks back here. goes to kick out his legs from kenny's lawn chair. that works. kenny doesn't move. stays sitting. joe here in the green shirt goes flying. prank's on joe. >> he pranks himself. >> i love that the dude who was the original prankee didn't flinch. like what? >> how is that chair still standing? >> he's sitting on the front of the chair so the weight is on the front two legs. >> that's called karma, that's what that is. >> yep. ♪ >>> you're listening to the incredible sounds of the sleepy man banjo boys. that is 10-year-old johnny mizzone, and then his brothers, 13-year-old robbie on the fiddle and 14-year-old tommy on the guitar. their expressions are so cool, calm and collected. >> they've been posting videos on their youtube page for a while. these went viral. we have to meet them, right this minute via skype we have robbie, tommy and johnny. >> thanks for having us. we're excited to be here. >> were you expecting the kind of success you've seen in the last couple years when you started posting those quote/unquote practice sessions on-line? >>
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
the story and spoke with the victim's father this evening. >> reporter: police believe that he killed kenny cherry an aspiring rapper and people isinde were killed those .... keep in mind, that if you are helping him. he is wanted for murder. a short time later, gunshots could be found the range rover has been recovered but his whereabouts are not unknown. >> we believe that somebody knows where he is. we're urging you to give them a call. >> i ysabel with the father of kenny's and they said that they did not know the shooter. the funeral derangements should be thursday, friday of this week. the funeral derangements. arrangements. -- the new system will prompt internet service providers-- such as verizon or a-t-and- notify customers whose internet address has been involved in piracy. a person will be given up to six opportunities to stop. internet providers *will take more drastic steps if the user continues. such as slowing the connection. supporters of the new system say the focus is on educating consumers. >> in national news-- a powerful winter storm is moving across the plains sta
Feb 27, 2013 8:00am PST
with professional chef laura kenny, joanne decided to show her friend and the rest of us just how it's done. >> so we started two weeks after we decided we were going to, and we had dinner, just the 4 of us, on january 5, and it was awesome. so we decided we should invite some more people to come with us. >> joanne and laura invited different folks over for dinner every monday night for a year. this book is a collection of those menus and recipes, organized in a easy-to-follow manner while highlighting the region's farms and succulent foods. >> we've gotten to know quite a bit of the farmers over the past year. >> she has her motherly advice, and then as soon as she gives that, she pokes you with a sharp stick and gets you on your way, because it doesn't do it for you, but it helps encourage you to get it done. >> i was praying there'd be 100 people at the book signing, quite honestly, and i think, oh, we did phenomenal numbers. and just the community response has been overwhelming, and it's been wonderful. >> this is really a community process. this is not about joanne neft and laura kenny. this
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
a maserati on the vegas strip yesterday after an argument outside a resort. the driver of the maserati, kenny cherry, sped through a red light and slammed into a taxi. that taxi exploded. cherry, the taxi driver and the passenger were all killed. cherry's parents are on their way to vegas. >> kenny was a smart, lovable personal and cared about other people. >> the taxi driver, michael boldin, moved to las vegas a year and a half ago to be with his 93-year-old mother. >>> a photo-op with president obama could lead to changes within the d.c. fire department. three firefighters appeared in uniform at an event on tuesday as president obama talked about the impact of sequestration cuts. d.c. fire ems chief said the firefighters never asked for permission to represent the district at a public event and the department will be reviewing protocol. t >>> a major turn around in one of d.c.'s neighborhoods that just a few years ago was riddled with crime. the most expensive house in the trinidad neighborhood just sold with an original asking price of almost $1 million. this comes five years after police
Feb 22, 2013 1:00am PST
his friend, kenny kunene. who has been watching the proceedings in court. we spoke earlier today. kenny, you're a friend of oscar pistorius, you've been in court every day. you strongly contend he is innocent. why are you so confident? >> i have always believed in oscar's innocence, and once he gave his version of what happened on that morning of the 14th, i became more convinced that he's innocent. i don't believe that oscar is capable of being a murderer. >> have you been able to speak with oscar pistorius since reeva's death, either in person or on the telephone? >> i haven't been able to speak to him, but he knows of my presence in court, inasmuch as he knows of the presence of others who are giving him the moral support and who believe in his innocence. >> had you ever met reeva? >> no, no, no. i haven't met reeva. their relationship i think is fairly new, and as you would have had that -- they met i guess last year. >> you've been in court with oscar. what is it like being there? what can you tell of how he's holding up? >> it's not easy for anyone. i think especially in os
Feb 22, 2013 8:00am PST
been identified as rapper kenneth cherry also known as kenny clutch. a passenger in his car was hurt. mike blas ski is a crime reporter with the las vegas review journal. what led up to this violent altercation. fill us in. >> reporter: thanks for me me. we don't know exactly why this started but we know where it started. it started in the val lay parking lot of the aria hotel which is right there in the center of the action. then it continued on the streets of the las vegas strip. both cars traveled north about a block where they crashed into the -- excuse me, the maserati crashed into the cab. what we're hearing now is that this las vegas rapper, kenny clutch, he also went by his real name kenny cherry, may have been involved in a despite with another rival that morning, possibly stemming from some dispute earlier the previous evening. >> how well known was kenny cherry in las vegas? >> reporter: not really that well known, especially not for his rapping. if you look at his youtube videos, they only have a few thousand views and they don't appear very expensive. i don't think that
Feb 22, 2013 4:30am PST
. the maserati belonged to kenneth cherry an aspiring rap artist from oakland owned by kenny clutch. this is one of his videos highlighting his cherished car. around 4:30 police say someone in the range rover opened fire. >> the maserati driver having been shot sped through the intersection of flamingo and las vegas boulevard colliding with the taxicab causing a six- car accident. >> i ran over there to help the dude in the maserati pulled him out and tried to give him some cpr. he was breathing at that time but the ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >> reporter: kenny clutch died, as well as the taxicab and the passenger. the passenger with clutch is cooperating with authorities. >> what happened on the strip today will not be tolerated. these individuals will be found. they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: they are still looking for that range rover. it's black with dark tinted windows and black rims. police have sent out an alert to authorities in three states including california. in las vegas, joe vazque
Feb 22, 2013 5:00am PST
lives in oakland tells us that his son, kenny cherry, rapper name kenny clutch, was the sweet of the man he ever met. yesterday kenneth cherry, sr., received the worst kind of news. a phone call from his son's girlfriend that his first born, his 27-year-old boy, had been murdered in las vegas after an argument that started with some people in the parking lot outside of a hotel. six months ago he appeared in this music video filmed on the vegas strip. he was driving that maserati down the strip when he was shot and killed early yesterday morning. >> i heard there was some kind of disagreement. the guys pulled to the side of him and let the window down. they just started shooting. my son for the record did not have any guns in his car. there was no gun battle. nothing like that. >> reporter: there was at least one person in a black range rover who shot cherry causing his maserati to slam into taxi. that taxi caught fire killing the driver and passenger. a passenger in cherry's car but so far survived. police are on the lookout for the black range rover. he attended several catholic schools
Feb 28, 2013 12:35am PST
here. what is your name, where you from? >> kenny, and i'm from new jersey. [ crazy slide whistle ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: kenny, i know you. >> yeah? >> jimmy: yeah, i think i do. yeah. >> i wish we knew each other. >> jimmy: yeah, we don't know each other, but we -- >> we should hang out. >> jimmy: we know each other, yeah. i love kenny. he's pretty awesome. all right, i'm psyched about this. kenny, you know what that sound means right there. it is time for a brief behind-the-scenes look at the making of the rabbit wigs commercial. ♪ >> okay, rolling. >> all right. >> rabbit wigs. rabbit wigs. rabbit wigs. >> let me try one. rabbit wigs. [ light laughter ] >> that's the one. ♪ kiss me kiss me yeah kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me yeah ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: all right. here we go, kenny. let's "name that guy." [ beeping ] [ siren ] oh, you know what that sound means. you get a free hint. >> hint! >> all right, cool. >> jimmy: here's your hint. his name is not igor stanislovski. now, with that hint in mind, what is your answer? >> god, it's got to be something eastern europ
Feb 23, 2013 7:00am PST
for kenny cherry who went by the stage name kenny clutch. >> it is hitting me hard because that was like my little brother. >> he lined the street along the border where kenny cherry grew up, gunned down in las vegas where he moved a few years ago. >> i think vegas was the best choice that he could have made. a lot of speed violence going along here in las vegas. >> reporter: cherry's friends and family had encouraged him to go. his father left for las vegas to identify his son's body. friends and family said cherry came from a good friend that he briefly dabbled in criminal activity as a youngster, but at heart no troublemaker. he had been arrested for having marijuana and a gun back in 2007. but friends say he left that lifestyle behind years ago. >> the so called pimping is just an image. an image of music. >> what he was was a father to three children under four, including a newborn girl just two months old. >> it is unfortunate that i had to lose him like that because i feel like they stole him from me. >>> new this morning brentwood union school
Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
looking at dow 14,000. but kenny will come in in a minute. and i have been talking about it. the market is due it pull back. >> it is a mod et pull back. while the global markets pulled back a little, watch exchange trade of funds, which is why i watch them put up big losers today. there is vanguard european fund. look, china, second one, that's the biggest china etf. that's down and indian stocks are down as well. and that's the ixg, global financial stocks. that's the weak base that you've got here. in terms of what's moving, moving on the up side today, no surprise. gold like the spieser gold. long-term treasury bonds. and of course ultra short stock ets, like the sds down there, are big ones. if the dow is down today as much as europe is down, italy, the dow would be down 500 points today. that's how much italy is getting hit today and spain, to a lesser extent. i would say the declines in the u.s., fairly modest. given that we moved a thousand point in the month of january. >> kenny was here, director of floor with securities. >> we haven't even traded 300 million shares down here
Feb 27, 2013 1:00pm EST
you. kenny, bob pisani here, and josh lipton here too, to talk about the markets. kenny, you thought it that was an unbelievable exchange. >> a great exchange. i didn't know this congressman. i was watching on television and i saw the exchange. i thought he painted bernanke right into the corner. he says, listen, we are talking 2% and we can't find 2% across the board. families have found it, businesses have found it and you say we can't find it. and ben bernanke, didn't know what to say. okay, i hear you, but we are talking 2% across the board. i thought it was great. >> 2% isn't nothing tp president obama has been laying out exactly how many people might be fired in defense. >> he is playing the alarmist role. sending out e-mails today about no more meals on wheels for elderly. are you kidding me? are you kidding me? that's where we're going with th this? >> the market doesn't seem to be paying too much attention to it. that the interesting point to me. i'm hearing, when i walk in the door down here, the teflon market word again. josh lipton, i don't know if you see that in the int
Feb 20, 2013 3:00pm EST
later this week? he asks. where did that come from. today's closing bell exchange, my old friend, kenny, and bob pisani joining us as well. frank, you're a big technical analyst and watched the charts and worried about market going higher as a lot of people. is this the beginning of a sell-off here, do you think? >> bell, actually i think your question is extremely well-timed. if you look at the s&p over the last few months, we've traced out a large rising wedge formation which is a five-wave structure, and that's a bearish distribution pattern. now over last few days, we've seen another one of those form on just the hourly chart. s&p looks like it completed the fifth wave this morning. and i think we're starting to set up here for an important correction. 1485 is initial support for the s&p 500. >> all right. that looks like where we'll probably start down towards. but i think ultimately the equity market, so-called risk on trade, is late in the fame. we're getting very close to the beginning of a 10% correction, maybe 1400 on the s&p. >> okay. >> mandy? >> kenny, do you think from a f
Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm PST
, kenny. k-e-n-n-y, irish. >> you made it out on the terra firma, a hond does nd how does ? >> well, it is great to be on ground, but it was two days of a great trip and four days of a bad camping trip. >> you say witit with a laugh, people are painting it with a bad circumstance? >> well, it is all individual and how they perceive the cruise we were on, and for me, you try to make the best of the situation we were in. you had groups of people coming tot and the power of the human spirit to just, we had charging stationing like the activity daily to have certain areas with power and literally put the charging areas that looked like a spaghetti bowl of people hanging around and playing music and drank club soda and sprite and coke and that is what we did. >> well, i heard they were giving away free alcohol, too. >> i think they did one of the nights, so yeah, i am sure that is good welcomed relief for many. so absolutely. >> this is really one of the classic experiments where you take a population and isolate them and take away all of the modern modern conveniences, and what kind of
Feb 23, 2013 9:00pm PST
as scheduled tomorrow. >> new details in the death aspiring oakland rapper kenny cherry, jr.. they tracked down a black range rover. they found it at an apartment complex east of the las vegas strip. they are looking for a 26-year-old man. two others were killed when the car he was driving crashed into a taxi. >> police are searching for the people who fired shots at an a.c. transit bus overnight. it happened at 55th and international boulevard other night. none the passengers was struck by gunfire but some of them had minor injuries after trying to escape the shots. >>> a gun buy-back was so popular ra it ran out of money. they collected 350 firearms. >> police officers from east palo alto, palo alto and men row park stacked the weapons. it was held in the east palo alto parking lot. they paid up to 100 for a handgun and 300 for an assault weapon. >> he had $14001400. >> i wanted to get them out of zblous people waited more than an hour to turn into guns, including high powered weapons and assault rifles. the money was funded by private money by a group called protect the chin. the guns were c
Feb 28, 2013 1:00pm EST
in april 20000. we are approaching that. >> let's bring in director of o'neill securities. kenny -- >> we are just churning, right? digesting, after what we did on monday and tuesday and wednesday, mark set digesting. you said it today, gdp didn't really knock the stocks off, right? listen, everyone is talking about sequester on friday. >> this is automatic spending cuts. >> automatic spending can cuts, let's just under. 12:00 a.m. friday, it doesn't really mean anything. the world doesn't come to an end. but cuts don't take effect at 12:00 friday morning. only can 40 billion take effect this year. >> what are you saying? it is a discounting mechanism? >> exactly right. >> it is not worry -- >> it is looking ahead eight to ten months, the end of thei the year, not pricing for friday, not at all. >> and $40 billion -- we are talking less than 1% -- >> that's right. >> and with the continue is resolution. if the government shuts down, that's a major problem. >> that's different. but that's a different conversation for a week and a half from now. >> let's leave it there. >> thank you both. k
Feb 21, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> the 27-year-old known as kenny clutch. this is you tube video of him shot sometime back. he appears to be in the same maz ratty he was driving this morning when killed. he died in a car to car shooting police say it began at the valet stand at the aria hot yechl he got into an altercation with someone in a range rover. he took off, then, one and possible several people in the range rover began shooting at the car. the maz ratty crashed into several cars including a taxi cab when burst into flames, killing two people inside. police are still searching for the occupants of a black range rover that left the scene. one man says he's kenny clutch's father telling us that the family is in mourning over the shocking loss. >> vic, thank you. turning now to first significant construction accident at new bay bridge. sky 7 set the scene, it happened under there. a witness tells abc 7 news it sounded likeçó a plane crash when a construction crane crashed down. we're live with details for us. heather? >> a key factor, a key player in this accident is the scaffolding or false work. the temporar
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
burst in flames both people inside were killed. kenneth cherry also known as kenny clutch died of quup shot wound. 7 news reporter spoke with his father today in oakland and she's in the newsroom with more on this. >> when i spoke to cherry senior today you could see how devastated he was over losing his so that. and tomorrow he will have to good to las vegas to bring his son's body back home to oakland. >> this is something that you never really, really ever want to experience as parent toless a child. >>reporter: kenneth cherry senior is mourning the death of his son. 27-year-old kenneth cherry junior shot to death on the las vegas strip. he had been driving the gray mazzaratti when he and a friend came under fire. >> this morning the occupant of a black range rover opened fire on the occupant of mazzaratti. >>reporter: cherry killed. his mazzaratti went through intersection and hit several other cars. >> one of the vehicle which was a taxi cab, taxicab subsequently caught on fire and exploded. >>reporter: taxi driver and passenger were killed. people in the range rover drove
Feb 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
of a rapper. kenny cherry, jr. died last week on the leaves strip from gunshots fired from a black range row version police believe ammar harris was involved. he has a police regard for kidnapping and pandering. the black range rover was found in an apartment complex. police believe the two men got in an argument. and two other people were killed when his car hit a taxi and the cab burst into flames. >> more on the wreck in daytona. 30 spectators were injured when one of the cars went sailing into the air and smashed into the fence. reporter: the violent ten-car crash came on the final lap of the nationwide race. that's kyle larson's car going airborne, crashing into the fence separating the track from the fans. the whole front end of his car ripped off. a piece of engine? the fence. debris flying into the grand stands. all ten trifers checked out at the medical center were okay. but more than two dozen spectators were injured, some seriously. >> the key was we were prepared, we responded, we had the appropriate personnel in place and were able to transport the individual that needed care of
Feb 24, 2013 2:00am PST
for the man fatal the fatal shooting of a rapper. kenny cherry, jr. died last week on the leaves strip from gunshots fired from a black range row version police believe ammar harris was involved. he has a police regard for kidnapping and pandering. the black range rover was found in an apartment complex. police believe the two men got in an argument. and two other people were killed when his car hit a taxi and the cab burst into flames. >> more on the wreck in daytona. 30 spectators were injured when one of the cars went sailing into the air and smashed into the fence. reporter: the violent ten-car crash came on the final lap of the nationwide race. that's kyle larson's car going airborne, crashing into the fence separating the track from the fans. the whole front end of his car ripped off. a piece of engine? the fence. debris flying into the grand stands. all ten trifers checked out at the medical center were okay. but more than two dozen spectators were injured, some seriously. >> the key was we were prepared, we responded, we had the appropriate personnel in place and were able to transp
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> kenny, you will be live on the bay bridge kind of anchoring the new span. >> yeah. >> also talking about the 49ers. >> i think you should do cbs on one side. >> i can do that. >> you can be up there, too. >> sun or cloud. >> yeah. >> reporter: changing which way you're looking. >> our weather, not changing. for most of you that a good thing. most of you email me saying hey, we need rain. how about the 70s. oakland 71. you nearly hit 70 in freemont. concord, 64. nothing on cbs 5. doppler radar always looking for rain. coming up dry once again. right on the tropical moisture. south all the way to the mexico border. that will give us filtered sunshine. so, high pressure, where is it going. will be close to us all weekend long. coupledegrees cooler tomorrow. sunday, monday, mid to upper 60s. next week i do see a pretty significant pattern change. slight chance of a shower. better chance of much cooler weather with highs in the low to mid 50s. you will have sunshine on saturday. filtered sunshine tomorrow. much cooler weather late next week f
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
's a drop in the bucket. kenny understands that. he's here to explain why that drop is so important, however small it may be. >> family you're about to meet doesn't stand to gain from this legislation if it stays in tact and it passes. what they want to highlight is how under served families living with autism are. this is seven-year-old sam brody. he's living with autism. his parents know caring for him is a 24/7 job. >> several things. >> even during tv interviews, which is why they are hoping maryland lawmakers keep the department of education budget in tact that would bring relief to 100 families who can't afford autism treatment. >> therapy, integration services is one of them. that is the most important because that's what gets us therapy. >> unfortunately, sam and his family don't stand to gain anything if the line item passes. currently, the waiting list has more than 3900 children. sam is number 405. >> at this rate, he'll be 15 before he gets services. >> maryland is one of the few states that doesn't mandate insurance companies to cover autism treatment. so families rely on
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